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Discover the Silver Coast

The road to Casa Pedra Nobre

If you arrive by car.

  • With rental car from Lisbon Airpor you follow briefly direction “Oeste”, then follow the A8, direction North towards Leiria. Follow the A8 for about 80 km until you get to the exit of Caldas da Rainha, Foz do Arelho.
  • If you coming from another location, drive to Caldas da Rainha (Leiria)
  • Take the road from Caldas da Rainha direction Foz do Arelho (N360)
  • After a few kilometer you arrive at a roundabout where you see cafe-restaurant Borga at the right.
  • Keep following the N360 towards Foz do Arelho.
  • A little bit further, turn into the 3rd street on your right. (Follow postsign to Casa Pedra Nobre).
  • 200 m up this road take left junction.
  • 100 m up this road you find Casa Pedra Nobre (5a) at your left : yellow house.
  • You can park inside the property.
  • Casa Pedra Nobre

    Rua do Nobre 5a
    2500-593 Nadadouro

    (Caldas da Rainha)
    (Leira regio)

    +351 910 959 674

    (39° 24' 17.63'' N)

    (9° 8' 7.45'' W)

    Enjoy a relaxing environment
    Some GPS don't find number 5A (number 5 is in a parallel street). Try with "Rua Da Lareira"; at the junctions go into Rua do Nobre.
    Casa Pedra Nobre

More Info

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Using public transport from Lisbon

  • At the airport get a taxi to Campo Grande (6 km)
    • The price should be less than10 euro.
    • It might be a good idea to check with the taxi-driver, not all of them do the calculation right …
  • At Campo Grande (busterminal) you can buy a ticket to Caldas da Rainha with Rapida Verda.
    • You can open the image on the right for a larger one, or click here
    • The bus stops in Bombarral and Òbidos, finally in Caldas da Rainha
  • In Caldas da Rainha it is best to get a taxi or shuttle service to Rua Nobre 5a (Casa Pedra Nobre)
    • If you contact us in due time (when leaving Lisbon), we will try to get you a taxi or shuttle service(10 to 15 euro).
    • Call or text us +351 910 959 674
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graphic design by Maxine Welleman